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Photo of Virginia's Finest products.

Virginia’s Finest® 25th Anniversary

The Virginia’s Finest® Trademark Program is proud to celebrate 25 years of excellence, promoting the development of Virginia agriculture and specialty food products. Virginia's Finest® highlights top quality Virginia-produced and processed products, including meats, cheeses, soups, seafood, peanuts, pasta, baked goods, snacks, chocolates, confections, condiments, dressings, sauces, beverages and more. Virginia’s Finest® strives to enhance the economic opportunities and success of Virginia specialty food companies, processors and agricultural producers through  increased sales and enhanced awareness of top quality Virginia products
Only Virginia products that meet or exceed quality standards are part of the Virginia's Finest® Program. All authorized Virginia's Finest® products must be approved by the Virginia's Finest® Review Committee, which consists of food safety officials and product marketing specialists. The Committee reviews product packaging and labels to ensure products meet state and federal regulations. In the case of most products, the producer must provide proof of its current and valid food safety inspection certificate. Buyers and consumers will recognize the familiar Virginia's Finest® "checkmark" and trust that Virginia's Finest® products have been deemed the best of the best.